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. a major development only on abc7 news. >> reporter: sources cross to the investigation tell us they solved the mystery of the man who says he saw a person presumably lynn spalding at the bottom of a locked stairwell. now, everybody has been looking for this man, who reported what he saw october 4th, two weeks after spalding vanished from her hospital bed he told the nurse he saw the person lying on the stairs between three ready and 4th floors then, he left quickly the nursing supervisor notified a sheriff deputy to check it out. sheriff mirkarimi says deputies never did check that stairwell. the body was found four days later. the mystery person appears to be the only whoun saw the body during her long disappearance and gators have been looking for him, hoping he can provide answers our sources tell us that the man is a doctor. a visiting doctor from india, working at ucsf in san francisco general. at 6:00 tonight we'll tell you more of what we've learned and why the doctor finally came forward. >> now to police protest about to get underway. some residents in san francisco sa
evening and thank you for joining us. a mystery in santa rosa tonight where police are trying to determine what happened to a boy found barely alive. now thank you for joining us. a 15-year-old boy was found bleeding and unconscious at montgomery high school, local high school. police tonight are trying to figure out what happened and think his injuries could be linked to a dangerous sport. abc 7 news reporter cornell bernard is live at the school. cornell? >> reporter: the teen's name has not been released. he's at children's hospital in oakland fighting for his life. he was found here at montgomery high school laying outside of the gym. police wonder if he was playing an extreme sport on the roof. santa rosa police officers are talking to possible witnesses and looking for any evidence at the spot where a 15-year-old boy was found unconscious with severe head trauma. near the gym on the campus of montgomery high school. >> we're not sure what happened. if it was that he was the victim of felonious assault or if it was just an accident where he fell off the roof here while playing up on t
laws. and what i'm proposing is harder path. which is use our democratic processes to achieve the goal you want to achieve. >> you can see the president received cheers for the way he handled the heckler. who is this young man? for that part of the story let's go to vic lee live at the betty ng community center. quite a moment. >> reporter: well, dan, there are a half dozen protestors standing with the heckler behind the president of the. he was speaking and they call themselves dreamers they're supporters of the dream act. that is a bill that was first proposed about a dozen years ago which gives conditional residency to certain immigrants if they fulfilled certain requirements like schooling. >> i need your help. >> the heckler is a student at san francisco state and an undocumented immigrant from south korea. he became disappointed when the president failed to mention anything about the plight of illegal immigrants. >> 1.8 million undocument immigrant family members are, have deported and 1,000 are facing deportation every day. >> he feels it's an urgent issue. and the pre
be responsible for the murder. >> my dad may not get to sit with thanksgiving with us again, but -- >> he'll be there. >> i'm thankful they were able to put the people way who did this. >> the family is grateful for detective who's never gave up looking for clues. >> san jose authorities voicing concerns following the city's third pedestrian death in the last two days. a 50-year-old woman hit and killed crossing monterey road just before 11:00 last night. the 24th killed in san jose this year. that is an eight-year high. >> it's high. and we're concerned. so, you know we're asking drivers to drive cautiously and pedestrians to use caution. >> the woman's death follow twoz others on sunday a 3-year-old named elijah hit by a truck in the crosswalk being pushed in a stroller. his 5-year-old sister and 13-year-old friend suffered minor injuries. hours later a 14-year-old girl was hit and killed in front of james hook high school. grief counsel yerls spent second day ofrn campus. >> the father of sasha flieshman now says the family wants teenager who lit sasha's skirt on fire triered as a tee
jokes and bully him. he used a lighter to start the fire. >> hate was delivered on me. i had hate too. >> police arrested the 45-year-old on suspicion of arson and tell us he had been released from a 24 hour psychiatric hold >> we're lucky nobody was killed. >> residents used daylight to salvage what they can. some speaking out, frustrated they feared their neighbor could be dangerous, trying to get help. >> we reached out to every avenue between property management and police department. between section eight, he went to john george. here he is. >> in this tragedy there was triumph. this good samaritan brought food, water and toilet tris from a market. joe trimbell owns that market. >> it's like middle america here in the bay area. >> middle america extending arms to hold brothers and sisters in need tighter. >> not just one individual made a poor choishgs it -- choice, it could have been prevented. >> officials put the damage in neighborhood of $800,000. >> a man learned today he will not face criminal charges for starting a wildfire near mount diablo. the fire burned 3100 acres sta
between us and those goals . >> i don't know what is going on there. we're behind moose there i got to play with him two years here. i wish him the best in whatever is going on right now. >> let's bring in abc7 news sports anchor. a question, hazing a part of the team. a rookie to be able to withstand daily hazing. the nfl is a military based style boot camp back then. my worst moment is a veteran player defecated in my helmet and made sure i would not get a new one we had to sing college fight song. if you refused you were thrown into a sewer pond behind the cafeteria. i arrived to the 49ers i couldn't wait to haze rookies but bill walsh didn't believe in it he thought you can ruin a young player. if the team is paying big bucks on a draft pick, it's unacceptable. now, with social immediate yashg ritchie incognito can haze martin 24 hours a day, and also, texting with another level. so it's still going on, and it's going on. nfl career being short you've got a young player behind you, you want to keep him down this, is a way to maybe get to him mentally. >> just not team oriented.
began here. steven joseph convinced oreos to stop using transfats. >> some money news, stock in tesla taking a hit, down today because another car caught fire. this time a moodel s in tennessee. there is the picture. this is the third tesla car to catch fire in five weeks. car fires are not uncommon, focus is on electric cars over concerns that their lithium batteries might be prone to fires. another big day, big bay area company having a great day, however, twitter started trading on new york stock exchange the stock soared. but opened today at $45.10 and went as high as $50 on the first day of trading. david louie is live tonight where with more. this did not disappoint. >> it's true. it went smoothly today, perhaps with an open approach twitter took. the opening price of $45 this morning really left a lot of money on the table. that meant that twitter could have raised $1.5 billion more than they raised by when setting original price of $26 but now, risk transfers to shareholders. employees gave us a look from their own twitter feeds. a mountain of doughnuts greeted them watching t
this and efforts at abc7 news.com. >> that storm moved on, sandhya patel here to tell us where it is now. >> yes. it move add cross philippines and as you can see here, it's headed towards south china sea now. category 4, so weakened slightly. winds 145 miles per hour. still strong gusts. 175 miles per hour, it's on its way towards vietnam. expected to weaken. by tomorrow morning, and then, will continue to make its way inland. as it does, will weaken to a tropical storm. rain, wind, storm surges are expected. i'll be back with a look at the forecast that includes the weekend. >> we have breaking news now out of lake county. a wildfire continues to burn out of control now threatening structures began just before 2:00, quickly growing to 200 acres. these images of the fire from lake county news now, cal fire says blaze is only 15% contained. it's burning off moron valley road. >> well, traffic on the bridge is moving after a car fire blocked lanes this afternoon. here is a look. traffic moving towards us you can see more cars now here is the scene using our waze traffic app. you can see activity
up for you at 6:00, too, stay tuned for that. >> u.s. state department says two americans are among the dead in destructions in the philippines. the number is expected to rise incoming days. rescuers reporting dire conditions in some hardest hit areas. united states issued an appeal for $300 million in aid for the 11 million people expected by the storm. >> we have no water here. and then, we just drain resources, collecting rain water just for emergency cases in our ers. so we need water. >> police operations are underway but getting help is very difficult. the airports air traffic control system is down. and looting has become a problem. much the result of those trying just to survive. >>> a food drive underway in the bay area to help the hungry. students have a huge response aren't cash donations preferred? >> it's true. cash is preferred by relief agencies but a bay area agency found a shipper willing to transport both food and other donated goods free. the drive is on here at san jose state. >> in minutes donations began pouring in. not perishable food that can be shipped to fe
vision, giving six weeks of paid family leave without having to use sick, or vacation time first ended up in the contract by mistake. >> it was not intended to be in the contract. it's under investigation how it ended up in the contract. >> bart claims it was signed by bart management. only because of a temporary employee put it in a stack of papers. >> some rider are flabbergast by the the glitch. >> that is unreal you'd have objection after negotiate yeahings are complete, twice. >> i think union is not going to strike but go owing to have to come up with a compromise it's showing scombart their people are not quite on the ball. >> bart board meets again this thursday. on the agenda is a vote on whether to ratify the contract between the district and unions. in walnut creek, abc7 news. >> one man is being praised as a hero tonight after helping to evacuate more than a thousand people just before the super typhoon hit the philippines the tiny island almost destroyed every home in a large town called san francisco and the population survived because the mayor has been performing drills fo
this used to be a very important day? but not anymore? in five years, yes. >> and deep discounts don't matter and teenagers are willing to que up. >> you're wailwilling to buy at full price? >> yes. >> some of the shopping is being done away from malls and local retailers like those in pleasanton. abc7 news is live on main street right now with that part of the story. hi, laura. >> reporter: hi, carolyn. people are not into those long lines that we saw in david's story that lead to deep discounts. tomorrow supposed to be small business saturday. we found folks getting the jump on that by coming here, spending black friday here. this is a sign in front of the chain store. it's outside prim a small boutique in pleasanton. >> what is the best bargain? >> accessories are buy one, get one half off. you can get socks for 14s sxdz a necklace for $11. there you go. >> it's a small store but there are big deals like many retailers provided an added bonus that can't be measured in dollars and cents. >> how do you get them to come sneer >> our beautiful downtown. and trying to give them a good
be given towels immediately. 90 u.s. marines arrived from japan with supplies for victims of the storm and to help in search and rescue efforts. with so much of the philippines still flooded and electricity and communication cut and so many roads choked off by debris, the sufferings of millions of storm victims are just beginning. abc news. >> the philippine national red cross says relief efforts are being hampered by looters. the president is now considering declaring a state of emergency or martial law. a steady stream of typhoon victims are arriving at the airport looking for food, water, and escape. they're begging for more help. >> get international help to come here now. not tomorrow, now. this is really, really, like bad, bad, worse than hell. worse than hell. >> officials there say many of the first responders were also affected by the typhoon, contributing to the slow response. president obama says he and his wife, michelle, are deeply sad ended by the death and damage. the president says the u.s. is provide, quote, significant humanitarian assistance. >> here in the bay area
, 1 social media celebrity is the penguin, whose twitter feed penguinsf gave us sinister perspective he found out about the justice department indictment, the penguin responded yiekz, this seems unnecessary. bellwell, minutes later the penguin kip accepted with a shout out to ama daetz. looks like ama has the brave story of sf bat kid covered until we meet again, sf bat kid. >> well, ama all over the story. check out the pictures she tweeted of the penguin. things didn't look too good for lucille but bat kid came through. and a digital producer for abc7 news embedded with friends and family. she got great pictures. here, you can see the survey of the domain from the window of ma macy's. if you wonder what super heros eat, burgers and fries no other tv station had this access pictures on our twitter feed. and everybody got in on the fun, even the president. >> way to go, miles, way to save gotham. >> the president made a video and tweeted this photo with caption "follow friday retweet sf wish. here he comes, sf bat kid. it's been fun. hundreds of people behind the scenes helped make t
, this is video given to us by muni just a short time ago. that you see actual train. the driver seen there in a white shirt, then then seize a train leaving and throws up hands in the air. sort of perplexed. what appears to have happened is that driver did not hit the emergency brakes. found inside of the cab before exiting the train this, is something he thooz do every driver has to do it. when the train leaves panicked passengers decided to act. one pulled a red lever. that stopped the train. now, according to muni, the driver is on paid leave and will have to take a drug and alcohol test. >> crews on the scene of this house fire. the call just before noon today crews found homeowners safe after a brief search for possible victims trapped inside. but you can see extent tent of damage to that house. and smoke pouring out, flames knocked down no, one got hurt. >>> a massive international aid effort taking shape tonight. five days after i've yoon haiyan. the number could triple to more than a thousand. security forces restore order to the city. there has been wide spread looting the p
at this tree that used to be in the ground near lake merit nochlt longer. and we're learning about how the wind caused two deaths overnight. a man died in east oakland. leanne? >> by 11:00, pub lishg works received 190 calls for help with this. stuff like this. downed trees, and fallen limbs as well. but that is not unusual. what is unusual is the depth of the two people. william looks up at the big tree that lost a limb last night. winds brought it down but it's where it landed that shocked him most. on top of a man. >> one branch hit him. >> the man died in front of his house. this is more dangerous because the power lines also came down. the tree has a red x mark on it. it was not on the list to be cut down because it's on private property. it should have been done by the owners of the house. >> this is dangerous because branchs are still really dangling when there is a little bit of wind. so they need to cut that tree down. >> another man died last night on skyline boulevard when he tried to avoid hitting a downed tree while driving. inspectors say homeowners need to be more vigilant when i
. >> oakland charter school will be among the first schools in the country to use technology that detects and pin points location of gunfire. the shot spotter comes after several mass shootings in schools across the country. vic lee is in the newsroom tonight with more. >> reporter: the company that makes shot spotters not saying which oakland school will vit first but they did give us a demonstration of the system. now, at sandy hook and columbine, precious minutes were lost when police had to look for shooters. this system can help them faster. an intruder begins shooth outside of the building the shot spotter detects location of the shots but it was fired from an automatic rifle. the active shooter now inside of the building, firing more shots the star in the floor plan shows the rec room. small sensors placed in room and common areas pick up every shot a lerts come into shot spotters review center. the gunman starts moving down the hall into other rooms.. the sensors show he's in a lab area. suite 210. shot spotter president says for police, time is of the ess
to being bring rain and snow. and for us moisture staying north. we're going to see a cool down. looking beyond this time period, weekend fine. dry. and there is a chance of rain. we're hoping that that front coming in will bring us moisture. tomorrow morning, breezy on the coast. chilly is well. so this is a time to pull out sweaters. tomorrow afternoon, temperatures will be into 50s and 60s. looking at sunny day. accu-weather forecast, add more cloud cover. weekend will be cool mid-50s to 60s. there is a slight chance of showers tuesday night into wednesday. and because october and november have been dry doesn't mean december is going to be dry. i'm sandhya patel. >> and coming up a new antiobesity plan meaning more fitness and fewer silences. >> yes. then at 6:00 an interview with university of california system. uc >>> britain has a new initiative to get people to use the stairs. here is the hint. posters posters placed at stairways one calorie for every ten steps climbed like these on greenwich street or one calorie for every 20 steps descended officials sa
101 past petta luma. the chp used a spike strip the driver took off on foot, caught and arrested. and police arrested a passenger. now they say the truck was stolen. >> police are searching for two suspects who committed brazen armed robberies just in hours in some of the city's busiest shopping areas. laura? >> cheryl, this is about the time that the robbery spree started. one of them, most violent, right here in this parking lot. >> this is just to be one to do many in such a short period of time. >> police say they're stunned by the number of armed robberies wednesday night. >> we have had eight armed robberies and that is in about four hours beginning at 5:00. ending around 9:15. it looks like about seven are, there is enough similarities that we think it's the same suspects. >> one robber happened outside of a seafood city market. the couple was approached by two men, one carried a gun the woman's purse was stolen. her 64-year-old husband, pistol whipped when he refused to give up a wallet. >> one of the workers here, can't do anything. because there is a gun. you know? he c
where it's hiding. leigh glaser has a look at the weather. >> this is the best shot of us seeing some moisture around here in the past -- well, since last winter, we can probably say. two storm systems stacking up out towards he west and we'll look at those in just a moment. live doppler 7hd showing you the clouds on the move near the coast. these are mainly high clouds, but a little low cloudiness as well near the coast. taking this out a bit, and this is a classic cold front, and this tail end right here is going to visit the bay area tuesday and wednesday. already spreading shower activity towards seattle and world area. we're seeing the -- the portland area. we're seeing clouds gather, temperatures like yesterday, maybe a degree or two cooler because of the cloud cover moving in. san francisco, 53 right now. 57, san jose. 57, los gatos. a beautiful sunset from the emeryville cam. here's a look from the tam cam. fog making its way through the headlands. overnight, increasing clouds for your monday. extreme north bay, you may see the rain as early as overnight monday, but really loo
told us at 4:30 yesterday afternoon the father of the baby went to get a paycheck at a palo alto hoetel where he works as a bar yeasta. he took the baby, then ortiz says he phoned the mother. >> he called her and said i'm sorry. and then, that is it. >> he disappeared with the baby. police say he sent her a text. >> he indicated the police were involved he'd cause harm to himself and the child. >> reporter: police issued an amber alert last night. her former roommates say the couple argued often and that he threatened her. >> basically i'll take the baby and leave. i don't need you no more. stuff like that. >> was the baby born i'm going to take him and leave. >> reporter: police believe he may have driven south and could be in san diego where he apparently has relatives. someone reported seeing his suv in the hill crest neighborhood between 9:00 and 10:00 last night. around midnight police picked up a ping from a cell phone, then another possible sighting in national city. vic lee, abc7 news. >> breaking news now a gunman shot nine people in a barber shop in detroit >> three victims
charging easier. just put the phone on the mat it and charges wirelessly using magnets.. a question is how fast do the mats work? >> we found the mats that worked with iphone charge about theed same time. as for the wall >> some took a little longer than a regular charger but not much. phones need to have wireless charging rapibility. others have to buy a special case so shale work there is a great way to make charging ease year >> coming home at the end of the day, you can drop it on there. >> if you have an iphone, testers recommend dura cell power mat for an droids fastest mat was $75 energizer inductive charger. kit charge two phones, wirelessly at the same time. consumer reports says you can go longer between charges by closing apps you aren't using and turning on any energy saving settings on the phone. many have it and may maximize battery life. coming up at 6:00 i'll be taking a look into what is causing an alarming number of glass shower doors to explode without warning. wait until you see this and what i found. >> scary. huh? >> mazing >> thank you >> sure. >> let's talk about th
on the righted wading through that mess. we'd like to you share your photos with us by e mailing them. >> san francisco international airport released a preliminary report on how well things were handled following asiana airlines crash in july. and which response procedures need to be improved. they say hind sight is 2020. three weeks after the accident sfo decided to start a self evaluation called lessons learned. this information has been shared with 44 airports around the nation. immediately following asiana airlines crash the first responders acted quickly. sfo internal report found air field safety officers with police and fire demonstrated a strong sense of commitment. and the ability to reopen the fourth runway that scored highest marks. >> moving that wreckage, repainting. repaving. getting faa to recertify. it highlighted how well all of these groups worked together to respond. >> but the report found triage needed to be reviewed. when identifying condition of passengers emergency medical personnel were not on the same page. >> and it's a simple as one is using a numerical method, th
. a coast guard helicopter was used to rescue three others. the chp says drugs, alcohol and speed do not appear to be factors. >>> this is really turning into the years o deal before meals. the shopping season started earlier than ever with many combining a day of shopping and celebrating thanksgiving. heather is out with the bargain hunters. we're waiting in line at one store to open in san mateo. hi, heather. >> we are outside the toys "r" us in san mateo. the doors opened promptly at 5:00. with people having been waiting in line since about 2:30 this afternoon. they're being allowed in in groups of 50 at a time. the manager says the next 50 are allowed in once that front entrance way is clear. they're just trying to keep things safe. the line just exploded in this last half hour leadinging up to five and goes way back past another store back there. the manager thinks there would be probably around 500 people in line by the time they opened the doors, but if seems like -- there is at another store, a k-mart, that has been open all day. k-mart says there's nothing new. it's been doi
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